Naughty me - ooops!

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Naughty me - ooops!

Post  redfragglebiker on Wed Mar 05, 2014 3:06 am

Soooo.... despite saving for our wedding at the moment I *may* have just been a very very naughty girl and spent £22 with Moyou London!  Twisted Evil 
Purchases are as follows:
Suki Plate 06 =- XL collection
Princess Plate 12 - XL Collection
New stamping tool (my current one came from a cheapy kit in Poundland!!!! It's served me well but I fear won't be big enough for the XL plates)
Black stamping laquer (I can get many other colours to stamp well but am yet to find a decent black so figured it was an investement right?  tongue  After all it stops me buying any other blacks now I have about half a dozen of the damn things!)

I'll given them a review when they arrive on my blog ([You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Anybody know ant good ways of using up a load of black nail varnishes that aren't thick enough for stamping?! I was considering adding some white to one of them as I don't have a grey shade I like as yet but all other suggestions gratefully appreciated! scratch 

*mumbles off to hang head in shame and hide bank statment from the OH!*


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