Things in Scratch Apr 2014

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Things in Scratch Apr 2014

Post  HanSpan on Wed Apr 02, 2014 6:15 am

A copy appeared through my door this morning - due to the fact my lovely mate/hairdresser listed me as her apprentice to get me into Olympia beauty a few years ago.

Loads of rubbish, some amusement, and two really interesting things

1: Fresh Therapies Eden natural nail polish remover. What on earth can be in it? Has anyone tried it? I fear its £££s as a price isn't listed
2: Flexiglaze. Stuff that needs no curing, is supposedly flexible & great for weak, soft and peeling nails. It comes off with some specific remover stuff where it goes rubbery. Sounds weird but tempting and its not that expensive in the great scheme of things - £31.39 for a kit incl postage.

I basically got sent it to promote the thing going on in Birmingham - which I suspect I won't be able to make. Anyone else want me to try & get them a ticket?


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